Custom Automated Assembly and Process Machinery

Solara Automation’s customers come to us with a wide variety of goals, information and requirements for custom automated assembly and process machinery. Some provide very extensive RFP’s that define exactly how they envision a new automated cell. Others come to Solara with just a problem and a goal. Our reputation is built upon developing innovative solutions to every automation opportunity.

Our customer base represents products to be produced from dozens of parts per minute to hundreds of parts per minute. Our engineering team is resourceful and experienced enough to apply the appropriate level of automation to accomplish the goals.  We support customers in many markets, including Automotive, Electronics, Consumer, Life Sciences, Industrial, and others.

Once we understand your custom automated machinery challenge, our team will be prepared to design a solution that meets your company’s goals.

Assembly Applications

  • Indexing Machines
  • Robotic Work Cells
  • Parts Feeding, Orienting and Escapement Systems
  • Palletizing, Stacking, Packing and Tray Handling

Processing Applications

  • Custom Material Handling and Conveyor Systems
  • Surface Finishing, Grinding, and Polishing Systems
  • Packaging and Labeling Systems
  • Laser Marking and Cutting, Impact and Ink Jet Marking

Articles About Automated Assembly and Process Machinery

  • Read about our lab demo using a bench mounted IFM OPD100 3D Profiler interacting with the Schunk EGH Collaborative Gripper installed on the UR10e Universal Robot. The application challenge was to establish a way to verify the capacitor type and the correct workpiece orientation for insertion into a fixture. We demonstrate how this setup is ...[more]
  • Recently a customer came to Solara Automation requesting a custom robotic solution that was capable of precision part assembly including screw driving two separate parts together. This is a very common automation application, although getting a robot to perform these tasks reliably with the chosen work piece and type of fastener would be the automation ...[more]
  • At Solara Automation we have specialized in creating automated solutions for demanding assembly applications. Collaborative robot arms provide a future-proof platform for small businesses that need to optimize production. If your workflow changes, the cobot can be quickly redeployed to new processes due to its small size and lightweight design. Easier programming (even by non-technical ...[more]
  • Application: Forming and Inspection System Industry:  Automotive Project Criteria Solara’s customer manufactures components of automotive drive axles.  The requirements for the station were to first inspect previous assembly step, to stake the part, and last to inspect the staking process. Solara engineered and built a single-robot cell.  After the previous assembly step, the operator loads ...[more]
  • Application: Chamfer Grinding Machine Industry: Automotive Project Criteria Customer asked Solara Automation to design, build and test a machine to grind a chamfer on ceramic disks. We engineered a free-standing workstation consisting of a 4-position rotary dial table, magazine-fed part infeed, a grinding wheel mounted on a swing arm, an air knife to blow off ...[more]
  • Application: Assembly Machine Industry: Industrial Components Project Criteria Solara engineered this assembly machine in the production of drive rollers used in conveyor systems. The project required automation to produce grooves in steel tubes with auto-positioning of hydraulic grooving heads and precise groove depth control. Project Features 240 parts per hour Auto part load/unload Hydraulic form ...[more]

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