Who Is Solara Automation?

Solara Automation, in business since 2003, engineers and builds world-class automation solutions to meet exacting production requirements. We employ a collaborative approach to engineering solutions that meet our customer's requirements and budgetary constraints. Solara is known for solving manufacturing challenges from straightforward tooling to highly complex, multi-station automation systems. All of this work is accomplished with a clear plan developed with you, clear communication during the project, and solving challenges along the way.

Solara Automation’s team of mechanical engineers, controls engineers, technicians and machinists specializes in Machine Vision & Inspection, Robotics Integration, and Custom Automated Machinery.

Solara Is Your Competitive Advantage

We provide competitive advantage for our clients in four ways:

  • Reduced part/assembly cost
  • Streamlined production
  • Optimized part quality
  • Improved safety for operators

Our Scopes of Work includes:

  • Fully Automated, Multi-Station, Computer Controlled Systems
  • Semi-Automated Work Cells
  • Prototype Tooling and Fixtures

Solara Management

Solara Automation

Steven Crouch, President

Steve has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Duke University. He came up through the ranks in manufacturing, from draftsman to Plant Manager, before moving into corporate management in finance, marketing and operations.

"As an engineer, I can’t help getting intrigued with machine automation, however, my greatest satisfaction comes from working with really creative people and the relationships we build with our customers that give us a chance to solve new problems every day."

Solara Automation

Dennis Cope, Operations Manager

Dennis earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from UNC Charlotte and an MS in Operations Management from NC State. Dennis directs all aspect of engineering, manufacturing and customer relations and makes sure all the players on the team are well coordinated. His background in project management and capital equipment manufacturing give him an appreciation for what it means to be in the customer’s seat.

"Engineers and machine builders need to work together from the very beginning of a project, to make sure what is designed can be built and what is built is robust and serves our customers’ needs. I’m the coach."

Engineering Design Team

Our staff of mechanical and electrical engineers bring real world experience and a hands-on knowledge of what it takes to manufacture equipment as well as the technical knowledge and design skill to drive our product manufacturing. They are intimately involved with every aspect of a project — from application engineering in the sales process through conceptual design and 3D modeling to the selection and integration of automation components into a complete machine or process.

Manufacturing Team

Our team of machinists, technicians, and machine builders work hand-in-hand with the design team to build high quality, highly reliable custom machinery. We have the expertise and in-house machining and fabrication resources to build what we design, so we maintain complete control over the entire manufacturing process. Our “build team” members machine parts and fabricate assemblies, integrate automation components, wire and plumb panels, and test and debug all of our equipment — but above all, they are obsessed with quality and craftsmanship.


Solara seeks associates who possess an innate curiosity about how things work and enjoy problem solving. Manufacturing companies face continual challenges to change and adapt to remain competitive. Learn More About Career Opportunities at Solara Automation.