Chamfer Grinding Machine


Customer uses this machine to grind chamfers onto ceramic discs.



This Chamfering Machine  is a free-standing workstation consisting of a 4- position rotary dial table, magazine-fed part infeed, a grinding wheel mounted on a swing arm, an air knife to blow off grinding dust, a stacking offload station, with dust collection integrated with plant vacuum. Controls are Allen Bradley SLC 5 PLC with PanelViewPlus 1000 HMI. The system includes physical guarding and a light curtain at the manual load station.

Project Features

  • Ceramic disks from 76mm – 280mm,
  • Up to 900 parts per hour
  • Accommodate Round, Oval and Obround shaped ceramic disks,
  • External grinding station height stop adjustment,
  • Grinding wheel swing arm is weight loaded to provide
    consistent pressure on the disks during chamfering operation
  • Load station magazine will hold up to 8 disks
    and Off load station will supply chamfered disks in stacks up to 5 disks