Smarter Industrial Troubleshooting


Effortlessly see inside your PLC control system to troubleshoot issues without Rockwell programming software.  Don't hassle with transferring licenses or cumbersome license dongles, all you need is an Ethernet cable and a computer running Trend Insight to monitor the inner workings of your control system!

Track any tags in your Control/Compact/MicroLogix PLCs on any Windows PC.  This troubleshooting tool allows you to log tag values for a nearly unlimited number of tags in your industrial control system without taking up valuable PLC processing time.  This approach enables Trend Insight to poll tags as fast as every 10ms, and avoids the tag and duration limits normally incurred by the use of conventional PLC trending.  Additionally, Trend Insight surpasses standard Rockwell trending capabilities with an advanced interface for analyzing data as well as allowing simple exportation of data in a format accessible by most data analytic software or directly to Excel.

Trend Insight v 0.1.34




  • No need to wire custom hardware into your panel.  Trend Insight is a purely software solution that runs on your local computer.  Just connect to your PLC's network to begin logging.
  • No need for an expensive Historian just to troubleshoot a system.  Get high quality data collection and visualization without breaking the bank.
  • Troubleshoot WITHOUT programming software or programming experience.
  • Design specifically for use by Technicians and Engineers.


  • Trend Insight automatically displays all PLC tags upon connection
  • 10ms polling time
  • Live graph of selected tags
  • Export logged data to pre-formatted or custom formatted Excel sheets
  • Export and import custom trending profiles
  • Ethernet/IP Communication
Trend Insight's pre-formated spreadsheet
Export raw data to custom formatted Excel graphs

Machine requirements

  • Windows 7+
  • TCP/IP adapter (Ethernet, USB-Eth, etc.)

Does NOT require

  • Studio 5000 license / software
  • Dozens of different Studio 5000 firmware
  • ANY experience troubleshooting PLC code
  • Bulky hardware


Beta Launching Soon

The Trend Insight Beta program will be released soon.  To try an early version of this software or sign up for the beta inquire at: