Robotic Press and Furnace Load System

Application: Robotic Part Processing

Industry:  Automotive

Project Criteria

Solara Automation’s customer produces sintered metal parts used in engines. The automation requirements were to unload parts from a press, de-burr edges, place onto trays, and load into a furnace.  The automation had to be flexible to process 8 different parts.

Solara engineered and built a flexible robotic cell.  A robust, 3-axis servo unit first unloads the part from press, weighs it, and places it on conveyor.  Part is transferred to and processed in a de-burring station by pneumatic actuators. 

For flexibility in handling various loading patterns and the 8 different part sizes, a robot unloads the part from de-burring station and places it onto furnace trays.  A conveyor system automatically indexes the trays into the furnace.

Project Features

  • 720 parts / hour
  • 8 different parts with change out tooling
  • 3-axis servo actuator unloads parts from press
  • Automatic transfer to scale for quality check
  • Indexing transfer conveyor
  • De-burr station with pneumatic part transfer/flipping/holding
  • Automated conveyor tray indexing
  • Fanuc 6-axis robot with R-30iB controller for flexible tray loading
  • Allen Bradley HMI/PLC controls

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