Pipette Vision Inspection System

Pipette Vision Inspection System

Application: Vision Inspection System for Clear Plastic Pipettes

Industry: Medical Devices

A vision inspection system was required to inspect clear plastic pipettes for eight defect categories.

Solara designed and built an automated machine to present parts to vision system. The vision system inspects for cracks, end cut, contamination, tip defects, weld integrity, scuffs, concentricity, and flash on pipets.

The first challenge was to mechanically orient and singulate the tubes so they could be presented to the vision inspection cameras. The various defect types required selection of different lighting and backgrounds for multiple cameras. Six images of each part per camera were taken while the parts were rolled in front of the cameras to detect the defects on the round outer surface of the pipettes.

Pipet Vision Inspection System

Features of Pipette Vision Inspection System

  • 300 parts/min, 6 images of each part
  • 5000 part infeed hopper and lift conveyor
  • Double chain servo-driven conveyor with custom cleats
  • Pipettes rejected by servo-actuated gate based on results
  • 6 PPT cameras running on 4 vision processors
  • Detects 8 defects on pipettes
  • Custom vision user interface displays inspection results and gives user control of system parameters
  • Allen Bradley HMI/PLC controls

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