Inspection and Tray Loading System

Application: Inspection and Packing System

Industry:  Automotive

Project Criteria

Solara Automation’s customer produces sintered metal parts used in engines. The requirements for the automation system was to inspect three different assemblies for defects and proper dowel insertion depth.  Inspected parts needed to be packaged out on molded trays.

Solara engineered and built an automated machine to inspect and package 3 different assemblies.  A robotic solution was used for flexibility. The robot was used to locate and grip the different assemblies, selectively present the parts at different angles to the cameras for inspection, and arrange them in a grid on trays.

A vision system was required to inspect for missing material, dents, and black specks as well as verify dowel insertion depth.  One camera also was needed to orient the robot for proper part pickup.  Another camera verified proper tray loading.


Project Features

  • 1000 parts/hr
  • 6-axis MH5 Motoman robot
  • Automated tray feeding from magazine
  • Servo-actuated indexing conveyor
  • 4 PPT M-series cameras, one vision processor
  • Dynamically adjusts vision tool thresholds to deal with batches of parts in different shades of gray
  • Allen Bradley HMI/PLC controls

Gallery of Inspection and Tray Loading System

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