Dowel Assembly and Inspection Systems

Application: Assembly and Inspection System

Industry: Automotive

Solara Automation’s customer produces sintered metal parts used in engines. The requirements for the automation was assemble dowels and pins into parts and inspect assemblies for defects and proper dowel insertion depth.

Solara engineered and built two automated machines to assemble and inspect five different parts.

A vision system was required to inspect for missing material, dents, and black specks as well as verify dowel insertion depth.  One camera also was needed to orient the pick-and-place station for proper part orientation.  The main challenges were part variability and lighting.  Parts from different batches were colored slightly differently, so dynamically adjusting vision tools were required.

Features of Dowel Assembly and Inspection System

  • 16 parts / minute
  • Vibratory bowl feeders for multiple parts, dowels, and pins
  • 6 station cam-driven dial assembly system
  • Dual IAI servo multi-axis pick-and-place system for part loading/unloading
  • 4 PPT M-series cameras, one vision processor
  • Flat dome light creates contrast for defects
  • Vision System dynamically adjusts vision tool thresholds to deal with different batch parts
  • Measures dowel insertion depth using dual cameras with telecentric lenses
  • Allen Bradley HMI/PLC controls

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