Dowel Assembly and Inspection Systems

Application: Assembly and Inspection System Industry: Automotive Solara Automation’s customer produces sintered metal parts used in engines. The requirements for the automation was assemble dowels and pins into parts and inspect assemblies for defects and proper dowel insertion depth. Solara engineered and built two automated machines to assemble and inspect five different parts. A vision …

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Valve Stem Seal Trimmre

Valve Stem Seal Trimmer and Inspection Machine

Valve Stem Seal Trimmer and Vision Inspection System Application: Process, Assembly, and Vision Inspection System Industry: Automotive Customer product is a valve stem seal used in engines. The customer needed to trim rubber, assemble spring, and inspect parts for defects. Solara Automation designed a system to feed parts, load them on an indexing dial, cut …

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Pipette Vision Inspection System

Pipette Vision Inspection System Application: Vision Inspection System for Clear Plastic Pipettes Industry: Medical Devices A vision inspection system was required to inspect clear plastic pipettes for eight defect categories. Solara designed and built an automated machine to present parts to vision system. The vision system inspects for cracks, end cut, contamination, tip defects, weld …

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