Solutions for Many Industries

Our custom robotic and machine vision automation solutions serve the factory automation needs of a broad range of industries and clients.

Selected Case Studies

  • Mold Load Unload Robot Cell

    Application: Material Handling and Inspection System Industry:  Automotive Project Criteria Solara Automation’s customer is a bearing manufacturer. The automation requirement was to support the overmolding of three plastic parts.  The equipment needed to bulk feed substrates, load into mold press for 2nd stage process, unload finish parts from mold, inspect parts for defects, and package [more]

  • Bandsaw Blade Automation Robot Work Cell

    Application: Material Handling, Welding, and Grinding Industry:  Tools Solara Automation’s customer manufactures portable bandsaw blades.  Solara’s engineers were challenged to build an automation cell that fed the raw material, formed the blade into a loop, weld the ends together, anneal seam, and grind the seam. Solara engineered and built a three-robot cell.  The blade material [more]

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