Our Latest Factory Automation Case Studies from Solara Automation

We believe that the best way to show you Solara Automation's capabilities is through our many factory automation case studies. Every factory automation company talks about capabilities on their website, but case studies show real world experience in complex factory automation solutions. 

That's why Solara Automation should be your top choice for your factory automation solutions. Contact us today to discuss your factory automation needs!

  • Collaborative Robots, Getting Them on Your Floor Takes More

    It is easy to order a new collaborative robot these days. But getting it up and running can be a challenge. This is where the expertise of an experienced robotics integrator can save you time and money. Solara Automation is a Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator and we’re equipped to help you design and implement your collaborative assembly solution.

  • Solara Automation’s Collaborative Robot Assembly System

    At Solara Automation we have specialized in creating automated solutions for demanding assembly applications. Collaborative robot arms provide a future-proof platform for small businesses that need to optimize production. If your workflow changes, the cobot can be quickly redeployed to new processes due to its small size and lightweight design. Easier programming (even by non-technical […]

  • New Collaborative Palletizing System at Solara Automation

    Big things are happening at Solara. How big? Well, it involves one of the largest collaborative robots in the world — capable of lifting loads up to 35 kg. The future of automation is a world without safety fences, a world in which humans work side-by-side with robots. Cobots will handle the strenuous and dangerous […]

  • Cobots vs COVID-19

    Solara Automation can help you with your factory labor challenges. We specialize in helping our customers overcome the challenges of deploying and integrating new factory automation. Mandatory factory shutdowns and restrictions on movement have brought economic activity in entire regions to a halt. Manufacturers face either the unappealing prospect of closing facilities until restrictions are […]

  • Robotic Palletizing System

    Scope: A leading manufacturer of builder products requested Solara to design, develop, and install an end-of-line robotic palletizing system for strapped bundles of nail plates. Part/Product: Zinc-plated steel nail plates bundled and strapped together in sets of 20 each. Nail plate sizes vary from 3”x4” all the way to 10”x16” for a total of 36 […]

  • Robotic Staking System

    Application: Forming and Inspection System Industry:  Automotive Project Criteria Solara’s customer manufactures components of automotive drive axles.  The requirements for the station were to first inspect previous assembly step, to stake the part, and last to inspect the staking process. Solara engineered and built a single-robot cell.  After the previous assembly step, the operator loads […]

  • Mold Load Unload Robot Cell

    Application: Material Handling and Inspection System Industry:  Automotive Project Criteria Solara Automation’s customer is a bearing manufacturer. The automation requirement was to support the overmolding of three plastic parts.  The equipment needed to bulk feed substrates, load into mold press for 2nd stage process, unload finish parts from mold, inspect parts for defects, and package […]

  • Chamfer Grinding Machine

    Application: Chamfer Grinding Machine Industry: Automotive Project Criteria Customer asked Solara Automation to design, build and test a machine to grind a chamfer on ceramic disks. We engineered a free-standing workstation consisting of a 4-position rotary dial table, magazine-fed part infeed, a grinding wheel mounted on a swing arm, an air knife to blow off […]

  • Hydraulic Roll-Forming Machine

    Application: Assembly Machine Industry: Industrial Components Project Criteria Solara engineered this assembly machine in the production of drive rollers used in conveyor systems. The project required automation to produce grooves in steel tubes with auto-positioning of hydraulic grooving heads and precise groove depth control. Project Features 240 parts per hour Auto part load/unload Hydraulic form […]

  • Vial Assembly Machine

    Application: Assembly Machine Industry: Pharmaceutical Project Criteria Solara Automation was asked to assemble a device used for cardiovascular screening. The requirement was to automate the process of assembling liquid filled, sealed plastic vials. The machine was engineered to insert an internal glass tube and filter and then printing and labeling the finished product. Project Features […]

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